NSLINational Security Language Initiative
NSLINational Service Life Insurance
NSLINational Sports Law Institute (Marquette University)
NSLINational Service Leadership Institute
NSLINetwork Security Laboratories, Inc. (Bethesda, MD)
NSLINova Scotia Learning Interchange (Canada)
NSLINational Site Licensing Initiative (UK)
NSLINon-Seniority List Instructor
NSLINon-Street Lamp Interference
NSLINumber of Slices
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For an NSR D on (S, +, x) if each [h.sub.D](b) is an NSLI as well as NSRI for b [member of] E, then D is called an NSI i.e.,
Again K is an NSLI over (S, E) and as either [0.sub.S] [member of] Q or [0.sub.S] [not member of] Q,
This shows that [[lambda].sub.Q] is NSLI and NSRI on (S, E).
Next, [[lambda].sub.Q] is an NSLI over (S, E) and so,
Again [[lambda].sub.Q] is an NSLI over (S, E) and as either [0.sub.s] e Q or [0.sub.s] [not member of] Q,
Q, an Nss on (S, E), is an NSLI (NSRI) iff [mathematical expression not reproducible] with [0.sub.s] [member of] [??] is a crisp left (right) ideal of S.
Conversely, let Q be an NSLI on (S, E) in the assumed structure.
Further, as Q is an NSLI over (R, E) and as either [0.sub.S] [??] or [0.sub.S] [not member of] [??],
NSLI, has also been put in charge to coordinate and advise the token sale, expected to be launched in 2019, of Right of Reply subsidiary RORKEY.
NSLI is a Venture Development firm that focusses on adding value to startup companies that are based upon exponential technologies and decentralised networks.
If your husband had Government Life Insurance, he was likely covered under NSLI, VRI, or S-DVI, if he had a service-connected disability and elected coverage.
What about participants in the "H" policy program who emerged in 1946 to restore the insurability of veterans who did not meet NSLI requirements because of injuries they sustained in service?