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NSLPNational School Lunch Program
NSLPNational Student Loan Program (Lincoln, NE)
NSLPNational Service-Learning Partnership (est. 2001; Washington, DC)
NSLPNebraska Student Loan Program
NSLPNational Student Learning Programme (UK)
NSLPNova Scotia Liberal Party (Canada)
NSLPNSIS Signalling Layer Protocol (NSIS = Next Steps In Signaling)
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Low income, reflecting whether students received a free or reduced-price NSLP meal, also did not have a significant effect.
Although this argument has been one of the standard explanations for why schools must sell competitive foods, the amount of actual school profits--measured against losses in NSLP reimbursement (29) and percentage of profits that inure to vending and snack suppliers--has been shown to be less than previously assumed.
San Jose State University Table 1 Preschool Experience and Academic Performance on the California Standards Test of English/Language Arts and Mathematics Number of Students English/ Language Arts-- Proficient & Above 2nd Grade 3rd Grade 2nd Grade 3rd Grade With Preschool (All NSLP) 182 144 24% 18% No Preschool (All Children) 726 1099 10% 14% No Preschool (All NSLP) 326 739 9% 10% Mathematics-- Proficient & Above 2nd Grade 3rd Grade With Preschool (All NSLP) 50% 41% No Preschool (All Children) 34% 35% No Preschool (All NSLP) 31% 28% Note: National School Lunch Program (NSLP) provides students with free or reduced cost lunches.
While three states ordered irradiated ground beef from the NSLP last year, none actually received it because of the high price and some officials' reluctance.
In one study, for example, 4th-grade students who had access to the NSLP meals (which are required to provide at least one serving of fruits or vegetables) consumed more fruits and vegetables than 5th-grade students who had access to foods from a snack bar foods (Cullen, hagen, Baranowski, Owens, & de Moor, 2000).
Opponents countered the changes would eliminate approximately 2.4 million children from the NSLP and cut the food-stamp maximum benefit from 91 cents per day to 84 cents per day.
Two earlier studies have examined the supplementation of household food expenditures by the NSLP and SBP.
NUSP claimed the TES and NSLP are devices for private HEIs to "tap into people's taxes to secure their profits."
Oregon uses SNAP (effective statewide in September 2010) and National School Lunch Program (NSLP) findings (effective November 2011 as a pilot program) to establish income-eligibility and state residence for Medicaid and CHIP initial applications.
Soomro briefed the committee on the PSF statutory functions, structure and achievements, especially its Research Support Programme, R&D Industry Programme, Natural Sciences Linkages Programme (NSLP), and Science Popularization Programme, Inquiry-based Science Education Programme.
Islamabad -- Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF) under the Pak-US Endowment Fund's Natural Sciences Linkage Programme (NSLP) has been organising a series of Project Formulation Workshops to enhance the capacity building of researchers across the country.
The National School Lunch Program (hereafter, NSLP) is a charitable and well-intentioned program that serves low-cost or free lunches each day to more than 31 million children in over 100,000 public schools, nonprofit private schools, and residential childcare institutions ("National School Lunch Program," 2011).