NSMDNon Solder Mask Defined (semiconductor substrate process)
NSMDNot So Modern Drummer (magazine)
NSMDNon-State Market Driven (governance or regulation)
NSMDNon-Specific Motility Disorder
NSMDNatural Sciences Mathematics Division (various locations)
NSMDNonseasonal Mood Disorders
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Often highly visible through the use of logos, these NSMD standards programs assure individual and institutional purchasers of the socio-sustainability of their transaction, thereby legitimizing it in a way that territorial governments were designed to do.
An important part of the social process involved in the development of NSMD was to indentify several key decision points that are involved in making choices in a collaborative process that facilitates both valued input and acceptance from a broad number of constituents.
The survey team collected records of NSMD treatment for nearly 900 birds in 79 species, mostly scavengers.
Many patients taking low-dose aspirin for cardioprotection also frequently require treatment of pain and inflammation with a NSMD. Even low-dose aspirin (75 mg/d) is known to be associated with increased GI toxicity (ulcers and hemorrhages).
For GFR, the group with the next highest exposure level [urinary cadmium, 0.75-1 [micro]g cadmium/L; mean, 0.86 [micro]g cadmium/L = 1.0 [micro]g cadmium/g creatinine; adjusted for age, BMI, and blood lead (each categorized into four groups) and for NSMD use (into 0 or 1); Figure 1C] differed from the lowest level.
--Benjamin Cashore, Legitimacy and the Privatization of Environmental Governance: How Non-State Market-Driven (NSMD) Governance Systems Gain Rule-Making Authority, 15 GOVERNANCE: AN INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF POLICY, ADMINISTRATION, AND INSTITUTIONS 503 (2002).
For BGAs 0.5mm pitch and larger, we (and pretty much everyone else) recommend non-solder mask defined (NSMD).
Two different pad layouts are included in the DoE, which are full NSMD and NSMD with 35 SMD pads in each of the four corners.
The study randomized patients expected to need regular NSMD treatment for at least 6 months to either the cyclo-oxygenase-2 inhibitor (coxib) celecoxib at 200 mg b.i.d, or to a slow-release formulation of the nonselective NSAID diclofenac at 75 mg b.i.d.
In both the original and supplemental studies, pad definition was found to have significant impact on print quality; solder-mask-defined pads (SMD) demonstrated lower deposit variation with less overall volume, whereas non-solder-mask-defined pads (NSMD) produced greater deposit variation but with greater volume.