NSMFNetwork Security Management Framework
NSMFNew Safe Medicines Faster (Denmark)
NSMFNon-Sedimenting Membrane Fraction
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The top three DMRs were a) upstream of ABR on chromosome 17 (minFDR = 6.4 x [10.sup.-26]), overlapping an enhancer region (Figure 4B); b) in the body of SEMA4G on chromosome 10 (minFDR = 6.7 x [10.sup.-20]), overlapping a weak promoter (Figure 4C); and c) a region within the NSMF gene on chromosome 9 (minFDR = 6.7 x [10.sup.-20]), overlapping an enhancer region (Figure 4D).
Development and subscription service system management and control of cash in the BNB (Cash System) and the National Monitoring System fakes the National Analysis Centre (NAC) of counterfeit banknotes and coins discovered in the Republic of Bulgaria (NSMF ).
Data on the characteristics of mammography facilities are from the 1992 National Survey of Mammography Facilities (NSMF), conducted for the National Cancer Institute (NCI).