NSMRNational Society for Medical Research (animal testing)
NSMRNear Surface Mounted Reinforcement
NSMRNon-Specific Mental Retardation
NSMRNorth Shore Metal Recyclers (Australia)
NSMRNorwegian Society of Magnetic Resonance (Oslo, Norway)
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The studies related to the prestressed NSMR focused mainly and experimentally on the prestressing force due to the absence of appropriate prestressing system for NSMR.
Therefore, this study applies a new prestressing system which reliefs the need to wait until the curing of the filler after jacking to the prestressing of NSMR and examines the effect of the prestressing size and location of the anchorage on the strengthened behaviour.
Since prestressed NSMR introduces prestress to improve actively the performance based upon the behaviour of NSMR, its behaviour is closely related to that of NSMR.
On the other side are those psychologists who argue that many NSMR's are not only permissible, but advisable (Lazarus & Zur, 2002).
It has long been recognized, even among those who usually argue against involvement in NSMR's, that rural areas are settings in which NSMR's are bound to take place.
In recent years, therapists have also written about the unavoidable NSMR's that occur not just in rural settings but in a number of other settings including military, deaf, LGBT, and Latin American settings (Guthman & Sandberg, 2002; Johnson, Ralph & Johnson, 2005; Kessler & Waehler, 2005; Kertesz, 2002).
Unfortunately, the codes still leave therapists in the difficult position of trying to determine in advance whether an NSMR will be helpful, harmful or innocuous.
Since the size of the anchor must be reduced as possible to apply the prestressed NSMR, analytical and experimental studies were conducted to derive the dimensions of the swaged-type anchor for the CFRP tendon [6].
A special prestressing system is necessary for prestressing the structure by NSMR. The previous systems can be classified into indirect and direct methods with respect to the way in which the tensioning frame is installed as shown in Figure 4.
Figure 6 illustrates the realization of the prestressed NSMR of a beam using the clamped-type anchor and the direct-type anchoring device.
The common failure modes in NSMR with 1 line of reinforcement are known to be the rupture of the CFRP reinforcement and the bond failure of the concrete-filler interface (bond model I).
In order to predict the nonlinear behavior of the specimens strengthened by NSMR using CFRP, the analysis is conducted in three different stages.