NSMSNorth Saanich Middle School (Canada)
NSMSNational Safety Management Society
NSMSNational Security Management System (RSA)
NSMSNorth Shore Multicultural Society (North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
NSMSNASA Supply Management System
NSMSNon-Intrusive Stress Measurement System
NSMSNielsen Sports Marketing Service
NSMSNetwork Status & Monitoring System (Sprint)
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The Kindergartners were then tasked with selecting and packing at least 9 food and drink items for each food bag, all of which were donated by NSMS parents and families.
Enhanced communication: 6/ Forward guidance (July 2013) Commitment active use NSMs (April 2014) Signal of balance sheet expansion (Nov.
Then ([??], ([T.sub.n], [I.sub.N], [F.sub.N]}, *,*) is an NSMS.
Herein, we analyze experimental antibody response data to investigate the potential implicates of NSMs on EBOV immunity preand postoutbreak.
As the first detailed treatment of the rise of pirate parties in Europe, the book is an important contribution to the increasingly crowded intersection of NSMs and ICT policy.
A previously conducted breast surgeon thought leader survey indicated that the Eikon illuminated retractor system with Invuity's integrated Intelligent Photonics reduced surgical challenges and potential complications of NSM.
Al-Namah said the NSMS has been established to meet the ministry's interest in uplifting services provided in the metrological field, in the wake of the increasing seismic threats witnessed by the region.
Based on the conceptualization of NSMs, as argued above, while Open Software is the method of software development, Free Software is a (global) NSM (St.
We draw from studies of cyberactivism and the New Social Movements theory (NSM), which suggest the importance of framing acts, to achieve our goal by focusing on the rhetorical strategies employed by consumer-activists in promoting different levels of change, varying from individual to social, and from market-specific to cultural.
Opposition of this sort encouraged the more informal organization of the NSMs and their often confrontational tactics.
A National Security Management System (NSMS) which brought together all the security agencies had existed at the height of apartheid, but had become discredited for its overtly political role.
It's noteworthy to study the Ultras from the prism of the New Social Movements (NSMs) that have challenged these endeavors and succeeded in mobilizing the masses in a non-conventional form of (political) participation.