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NSNNational Stock Number
NSNNokia Siemens Networks
NSNNATO Stock Number
NSNNational Storytelling Network
NSNNew Schools Network (UK)
NSNNight Sky Network (various organizations)
NSNNew Substances Notification (CEPA)
NSNNational Service Network (UK)
NSNNational Student Number (NZ)
NSNNever Shout Never (band)
NSNNever Say Never
NSNNo Shave November
NSNNational Support Network
NSNNative Sovereign Nation
NSNNo Stigma Network (peer support)
NSNNelson, New Zealand - Nelson (Airport Code)
NSNNo Serial Number
NSNNo Such Number
NSNNational Seismic Network (earthquake monitoring; various nations)
NSNNoskillsneeded (gaming clan)
NSNNASA Space Network
NSNNational Supervisory Network
NSNNational Screening Nursery
NSNNational Sleep Network
NSNNorthern Sportsman's Network
NSNNetwork Service Number (telecommunications)
NSNNo Soap Needed
NSNNon Special Need (adoptions)
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Tack weld a collar stud (3/8-16UNC-2A x 1-3/8 L (MIL-S-24149/1-542), NSN 9Z 5307-01-225-7814) to the support leg closest to the vibration switch bracket.
Until it arrives, continue to train with the standard barrel and the M24 BFA, NSN 1005-01-480-0289.
NSN is taking the industry lead in highlighting the need for enhanced telco security, as shown by its plans to launch a Mobile Broadband Security Center in Berlin.
ESAPI (front and back pair) NSN 8480-01-520-7370 (SM)
NSN s solutions demonstrated at the conference include its Liquid Applications, Active Antenna Systems, Voice over LTE (VoLTE), Congestion Aware Packet Core, CEM, NetAct, Service Quality Manager (SQM), Operations on Demand, and intelligent Self-Organizing Networks (iSON).
* Maintenance equipment case, NSN 846S-00-781-9564, $4.60 (This is listed in the AAL of TM 9-1005-319-10.
Valve, Regulating, 750-1000 PSI, MPN 815805, NSN 4820-99-792-3861,
Cover, life preserver: (NSN 4220-00-926-9462 (small), 9469 (medium), 9476 (large)).
[check] AN/PVS-14 monocular night vision device, NSN 5855-01-432-0524
nsn 2540 vehicular furniture and accessories (nscm d2692)
If you need to clean inside your electronics, use compressed gas duster, NSN 7930-01-398-2473.
NSN 9150-00-935-4018 brings a 14-oz can, NSN 9150-00-223-4004 a 6.5-lb can, and NSN 9150-00965-2003 a 35-lb can.