NSNSNational Student News Service (Chicago, IL)
NSNSNational Security News Service
NSNSNational Sports News Service
NSNSNACSE (National Association of Communications Systems Engineers) Senior Network Specialist
NSNSNational Spallation Neutron Source (Appleton, OR)
NSNSNew South Network Services
NSNSNo Shirt No Shoes
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* Contact Haas International with empty NSNs to receive a bill of lading (BOL) and sales order number.
A product is assigned an NSN on an official label when it is repeatedly procured, stocked, stored, issued and used throughout the DOD/Federal supply system.
In order to report the correct repair pipeline from CRF-supported bases on NSNs shipped to the CRF for repair, the CRF should be viewed as a repair backshop for each supported base.
Under Industrial Gases and Cylinders Privatization Program, you'll find gas and cylinder NSNs, facts about the program, and information on the return of empty cylinders.
Enter the NSN in the search block in the top, right-hand corner, making sure to enter the NSN without dashes.
Trained order takers search the DLA supply system for the NSNs specified by the caller using the Department of Defense (DOD) EMALL.
But the big story began in the office of the small NSNS, a six-person operation that, before Adm.
* AN/PEQ-14 ILWLP, NSNs 5855-01-538-0191 and 5855-01-571-1258
The GSA vendor and the senior supply systems technician worked together to establish NSNs or part numbers so that the materials could be ordered.
DoD EMALL provides the capability to store a vendor's catalog of items for sale, along with prices, delivery times, reference numbers such as part numbers and national stock numbers (NSNs), pictures, specifications and other data to assist the customer in finding the required items.
Since the RBL can change, there is no guarantee the base's RO will be accurate (equal to the TWR plus one for NSNs that have a positive RBL).