NSP4Non-Structural Protein 4 (viral protein toxin)
NSP4Neural-Specific Protein 4
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Jenne, "NSP4, an elastase-related protease in human neutrophils with arginine specificity," Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, vol.
The primer sequences for Simian RV NSP4 [GenBank: AF087678.1] were designed as 57-ATAAATTGACGGTGCAAACG-3' (forward) and 5'-TGCTGCAGTCACTTCTCTTG-37 (reverse) and were complementary to 395-414 and 522-503, respectively.
A research team led by Dieter Jenne at the Max Planck Institute of Neurobiology in Martinsried has come across a previously unknown protease in humans: neutrophil serine protease 4, or NSP4.
(6,7) Due to the importance of NSP4 protein in the virion morphogenesis, replication and in the pathogeny of the infection this protein was also defined molecularly into six genotypes (A-F).
Essa observacao pode ser esclarecida a partir do reconhecimento de uma proteina nao estrutural (NSP4) enterotoxigenica, produzida pelo rotavirus.
Specific topics include the structure of orthoreoviruses, cypovirus, rotavirus structure, structure and function of bluetongue virus and its proteins, structures of phytoreoviruses, dissecting the assembly pathway of bacterial dsRNA viruses, infectious bursal disease virus, structural basis of mammalian orthoreovirus cell attachment, rotavirus cell entry, entry of a segmented dsRNA virus into the bacterial cell, analyses of rotavirus NSP4 genetic groups and structure, and genomic RNA packaging and replication in the Cystoviridae.
The G9P[19] genotype from Manipur appeared to be a porcine--human reassortant with human VP7 and VP4, VP6 and NSP4 closely related to porcine rotaviruses (50).
Una limitante de esta estrategia fue lograr la expresion sostenida del gen de interes, para tal efecto EGFP fue insertado entre los genes nsP3 y nsP4, y flanqueado por duplicaciones del sitio de reconocimiento de la proteasa nsP2 (la union nsP3/4), y aunque la replicacion fue menos eficiente comparado con el virus silvestre, hubo cambios menores en el fenotipo y aumento en la estabilidad genetica del gen reportero, luego de varios pases en el modelo in vivo (14).
Instead, she had injected it only with a snippet of the rotavirus protein NSP4. Thought to be harmless, NSP4 turned out to be anything but.