NSPISNational Strategy for Police Information Systems (UK)
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The meeting brings together professionals from two schools of thought on the entrapment issue: NSPI, which recently announced its position that dual main drains will suffice in preventing entrapment, and SVRS manufacturers, many of whom believe that their safety vacuum release systems are necessary as backups to dual main drains in case both drains were to be covered.
Attendees also will discuss how new technology should fit into current ANSI/NSPI standards and whether NSPI should draft a standard that specifically addresses entrapment avoidance.
BCH are seeking to integrate these services under the Athena project, however whilst the integration of Athena is under-way NSPIS will not be integrated within the 1st phase therefore an extension to our current provision is required.
There are 9 permutations of 6-letter NSPIs. Locations were found for 8 of these, the omission being 112233.
There are 81 permutations of 8-letter NSPIs. Locations were found for 38 of these.
There are 825 permutations of 8-letter NSPIs. Locations were found for 40 of these.
NSPI and DFO have also agreed to the following additional measures as mitigation for the mortality event: NSPI will complete required repairs to the louvres and bubble curtain associated with the canal.