NSPRNetscape Portable Runtime
NSPRNetscape Portable Runtime (platform-neutral API)
NSPRNational Society for Park Resources (National Recreation and Park Association)
NSPRNational Society of Pershing Rifles (US drill team organization)
NSPRNational Strategy of Poverty Reduction (various nations)
NSPRNational Standards of Puerto Rico (metrology)
NSPRNew Southern Presbyterian Review (Cumming, GA)
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Phase 1 of Terminal 2 is scheduled for completion in early 2021, while NSPR is scheduled to be operational in October of 2019.
If the vulnerability is exploited, the node transfers to the state "infected" and calls the function nSpr.
InspireMD's common stock is listed on the OTC BB under the ticker symbol "NSPR".
(2003b), Cellulase production by Aspergillus flavus Linn isolate NSPR 101 fermented in sawdust, bagasse and corncob," Afr.
The philosophy behind the NSPR layer was to create a set of low-level programming interface abstractions for such tasks as memory management and threading (handling different tasks within the same application or on the same processor) that would work on all the platforms for which Netscape built products.
Tenders are invited for niq for procurement of electrical items for installation of vhf system for nspr operationalization at bia
Tenders are invited for procurement of 19 42 u equipment racks for installation of vhf system for nspr kia, bangalore
The company said its common stock will continue to trade on the NYSE MKT under the symbol 'NSPR'.
US-based stent embolic protection systems maker InspireMD, Inc.'s (NYSE: NSPR) CGuard Embolic Prevention System reported positive results in PARADIGM, lead by principle investigator Prof.
and handing over of OFC cabling system at NSPR Eligibility Criteria : Bidder shall have minimum 10 years of work experience in the field of designing,
Tenders are invited for Cctv Surveillance At Kavali Bptl Krsh Ndvl Gvda Nspr Pkl Tnk Of Scr-Vijayawada
(NYSE: NSPR) has entered into a definitive agreement to sell up to approximately 34m shares of common stock and warrants to purchase up to approximately 34m shares of common stock in a public offering.