NSQNetwork & Systems Quality
NSQNursing Science Quarterly
NSQNational Sales Qualification (training scheme; UK)
NSQNasal Symptom Questionnaire (otolaryngology)
NSQNordic Sleep Questionnaire
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On the day of surgery, patients completed the preoperative version of the nasal surgical questionnaire (NSQ).
Los efectos circadianos receptores de la melatonina MT1 modulan el disparo neuronal, vasoconstriccion arterial, la proliferacion celular en las celulas cancerosas, y las funciones reproductivas y metabolicas, que va seguido de la formacion de melatonina, ya que se expresa en los NSQ y la pars tuberalis, considerados los sitios de accion circadiana y estacional de la melatonina (Krauchi K.
Los niveles de arn mensajero transcritos a partir de Per y Cry aumentan durante el dia en el NSQ y alcanzan su maximo nivel en el mismo al final del ciclo circadiano, empezando una regulacion negativa sobre los activadores del sueno Clock y Bmall.
La produccion de esta hormona tambien sigue un ritmo circadiano, con un nivel bajo durante la fase de luz (NSQ mas activado) y un nivel mayor durante la noche (NSQ mas inhibido).
American Superconductor (NSQ:AMSC), which supplies components and systems for wind turbines, has announced that it is taking civil and criminal actions in China against Sinovel, the wind turbine manufacturer which had been its largest customer, over alleged software theft.
Kim, professors at Keimyung University, Korea (NSQ, 2008, 21, 1, 49-58).
(25) Aesthetic rhinoplasty can be assessed with the Glasgow Benefit Inventory (GBI) and Nasal Symptom Questionnaire (NSQ).
For example, if the exercise price of an NSQ is $10 and the fair market value at that time is $50, the option holder picks up $40 per share in ordinary taxable income.
Virginia) Global elemental cycling Jim McCarthy (Harvard) Global biogeochemistry Kevin Trenburth (NCAR) Global climate John Knauss (Scripps) Former head of NOAA Lennart Bengsston (MPI-M) Hurricane modelling Neil Andersen (NSQ) Global Ocean Observing System
1 Ceri Sullivan, 'Cannibalizing Persons's Christian Directorie, 1582', NSQ, ccxxxix (1994), 445-6.
Most studies on the theory have used a measure developed by Porter[3], known as the "need satisfaction questionnaire"(NSQ).
The package contained the Neuroticism Scale Questionnaire (NSQ) (Cattell & Scheier, 1961); the Profile of Mood States (POMS) (McNair, Lorr, & Droppleman, 1971), a Self-Esteem Scale (Rosenberg, 1965), a Work Ethic Scale (Blood, 1969), and the Locus of Control Scale (Rotter, 1966).