NSRHNorton Sound Regional Hospital (Alaska)
NSRHNon-Specific Reactive Histological Changes (hepatitis)
NSRHNon-Specific Reactive Hyperplasia
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Schomburg referred to the NSRH as an "organizational expression of pan-Africanism.
Besides the Harvard-trained philosopher Alain Locke (1885-1954) who was a good friend of Schomburg and a corresponding member of the NSRH, most African American bibliophiles during the early twentieth century were not considered scholarly intellectuals.
Both Schomburg and Bruce were directly responsible for soliciting funds and persuading Howard University to send Locke to be an representative of their school and the NSRH at the reopening of King Tut-Ankh-Amen tomb.
For additional information on the membership of the NSRH see Ferris, The African Abroad, 865-866; Seraile, Bruce, 118; Crowder, Bruce, 119.
On December 9, 1907, Locke delivered to the NSRH a lecture entitled "The Question of Race Tradition," arguing that effects of slavery in America still dominated racial thinking in America.