NSRKNationaal School Roei Kampioenschap (Dutch: National School Rowing Championship; Netherlands)
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A Nemzeti Stratgiai Referenciakeret (NSRK) al tartoz operatv programok (A Tancs 1083/2006/EK rendelete), a vidkfejlesztsi program (A Tancs 1698/2005/EK rendelete), a halszati program (A Tancs 1198/2006/EK rendelete) s a kzvetlen agrr tmogatsok (A Tancs 73/2009/EK rendelete) tfog magyarorszgi elemzse a 20072013-as eurpai unis programidoszak vonatkozsban.
The Service would support the development of a NSRK Strategy: it could provide a vibrant place--both "real" and virtual--where scientists, policy makers, and northern communities could share ideas, data, and expertise.
A commitment to establish a Canadian Northern Research Service, supported in legislation by a comprehensive NSRK Strategy, would go a long way toward reversing decades of neglect.