NSRPANevada State Rifle and Pistol Association (Reno, NV)
NSRPANational Society of Radiology Practitioner Assistants
NSRPANational Show Racing Pigeon Association
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Hence, our authorities deemed it fit to appoint me as head of NSRPA, said Mr Jabati, who was officially appointed as NSRPA head in January 2018.
Derrick Dunn, the IAEA National Liaison Assistant, is the head of the Research and Planning Department of the NSRPA. Mr Dunn was employed by the NSRPA in 2011 as a Radiation Protection Officer after completing the PGEC offered in Ghana.
Cindy Daniels, ASRT chairman of the Board, said a stronger relationship was formed among the ACR, ASRT, Registry and NSRPA. These organizations are working together on all-important legislative and reimbursement issues through the Intersocietal Council on the Radiologist Assistant.