NSSLNational Severe Storms Laboratory
NSSLNational Seed Storage Laboratory (USDA)
NSSLNorthwest Suburban Soccer League
NSSLNew South Softball League (Birmingham, AL)
NSSLNova Scotia Student Loan
NSSLNutritional Standards for School Lunches (UK)
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Convection-allowing models (CAMs) are the NSSL's primary simulation tool for weather prediction.
Ice Crystal Nucleation Process in the NSSL Framework.
of the 17th Climate Diagnostics Workshop, Norman, OK, NOAA/N MC/CAC, NSSL, Oklahoma Clim.
A downburst is a localised area of damaging winds caused by air rapidly flowing down and out of a thunderstorm (National Severe Storm Laboratory, NSSL).
(22) Studies have not demonstrated specific benefits or consistent efficacy of pharmacotherapy for NSSL. (23)
as nssl But as we discover what happened next for James, Vinny, comedian Billy, soprano Julie, violinist Gary and club singer Wayne, the pursuit of fame looks like a very sad road to follow.
NSSL scientists tunred to their backyard when seven destructive tornadoes struck Oklahoma on May 24, 2011.
Nevertheless, with regard to some near-synonyms and similar-looking (NSSL) words, Chinese learners are often confused and find it difficult to learn both at the same time.
The distribution partners for IsatPhone Pro are AST, China Telecom, Evosat, Korea Telecom, MCN, MVS, Network Innovations, NSSL, RRSat, Satcom Global, Singtel, Stratos and Vizada.
However, if is estimated that by 1980, 97% of the vegetables available in 1903 were not in the collection of the National Seed Storage laboratory (NSSL), the largest U.S.
Thrane & Thrane has shipped the 5,000th Sailor FleetBroadband terminal since deliveries started in 2007, to a UK-based master distributor and satcoms solutions provider, NSSL Ltd.