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NSTARNASA Solar Electric Propulsion Technology Application Readiness
NSTARNational Smart Transportation Archive Research (University of South Florida)
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Under the RCF, there is a $600 million borrowing sublimit for CL&P and a $300 million borrowing sublimit for each of NSTAR Gas, PSNH and Yankee Gas.
The article suggests that, because of uncertainty on clean-up costs, the WRTA and the commonwealth made a bad deal, NSTAR should have paid for some or all of the costs, and taxpayers are now unfairly left holding the bag.
Following an exchange of 1.313 Northeast Utilities common shares for each NSTAR share, NSTAR becomes a unit of NU in Massachusetts, allowing the combined company to have a more diversified portfolio and better pursue renewable energy opportunities in New England.
Bruce Buckbee, vice president of Efficiency at World Energy Solutions, said, 'Becoming a go-to resource for mechanical retrofits within NSTAR's Direct Install Program is a major opportunity for our energy efficiency practice in Massachusetts and one that builds nicely on our newly won efficiency designations within Connecticut.
"We look forward to delivering this differentiated, cost-effective and energy-efficient solar array for the Boston Water and Sewer Commission, and we congratulate NSTAR and its technical staff for its assistance in planning the interconnection to the electrical grid," said Paul Lyons, president of Cambridge, MA-based Zapotec Energy, Inc., which designed the solar energy system.
The scope of the insulation plan was formulated after a study of the structure's heat-loss, developed at the request of DOER and NStar. Because this is a pilot project, both DOER and NStar are monitoring performance by tracking real-time oil usage as well as temperature and humidity at interior and exterior locations.
The grand prize winner, to be announced in May, will be awarded a cash prize of $200,000 funded by NSTAR and the US DOE to jumpstart a business venture on an emerging clean energy innovation with significant market potential.
To be accepted into the program, students must apply through the school's Advising Counseling Center as well as complete an NSTAR application.
NStar says the change of name will allow it to clarify its different roles and enable North East Finance to work closely with a range of venture capital organisations and investors interested in the North East.
Black Ridge Games, based at the University of Teesside, has received funding from the NStar Design and Creative Fund to support the development of its innovative 3D mapping, augmented reality and movement tracking software.
The Funding Your Business Needs event is being run by experts from NStar Finance and Business.