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Today, with the number of warheads dwindling and technological advances deliberately frozen, "anyone, no matter how small, can get in the game, and will." And that, Helprin points out, is proliferation--the opposite of what treaties such as NSTART are seeking to achieve.
NStart something you've been procrastinating for months (you don't have to finish it you just have to get it out and make a small start)
nSTART taking Urticalcin as it is particularly useful for recurrent strains and sprains, as well as for chronic ligament injuries.
NStart to harden off bedding plants in a garden frame.
NStart regular slug patrols again as the weather warms up, particularly after rain.
NStart the treatment by walking with the traffic in the distance
NStart a Christmas Calendar and keep it in the kitchen.
NStart by lying in the bath, standing in front of the basin and sitting on the toilet.