NSTBNational Science and Technology Board (Singapore)
NSTBNational Satellite Test Bed
NSTBNorth Superior Training Board (Canada)
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In her bill, Poe said the NSTB shall also conduct hearings in their investigation, as well as safety inspections on land, sea and air transportation.
government has appointed the DOD and DOE to deal with measures and strategies towards mitigating the risks of ICS, which developed NSTB and a center to assess and mitigate the risks.
We attended network events organized by NSTB [National Science & Technology Board] and approached some big VCs.
So it was decided to aim for 2% of GDP and the National Science and Technology Board (NSTB), which later was renamed into A*STAR, was formed" (Lim H., 17 February 2005, interview with the author).
It is within such dynamics that community-based agencies like the North Superior Training Board (NSTB) and its counterpart in the West, the Northwestern Training and Adjustment Board (NTAB), work diligently to shed some light on the changing nature of work and the ensuing issues of the impact of technology on jobs and innovative strategies to deal with it.
Compare this to Singapore, where two old agencies, the PSB and the National Science and Technology Board (NSTB), were dissolved and two new agencies, SPRING and the Agency for Science and Technology Research (ASTAR), were created in their place.
Support from the National Science and Technology Board (NSTB) for a Post Doctoral Fellowship to H.
NSTB's Mr Teo said he saw the Science Hub and MSC being set up for different purposes, which need not be competitive.
To accomplish this, the government created the National Science and Technology Board (NSTB) in 1991 to oversee and promote research and development in technology industries.
"We have learned that pilots must understand and command automation, and not become over-reliant on it," Christopher Hart, acting NSTB chairman, said in a press conference after the hearing.
According to the preliminary NSTB report, "ATC attempted to contact the pilot for approximately six minutes before the pilot responded with, 'Go ahead.'"