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NSTCNational Science and Technology Council
NSTCNaval Service Training Command
NSTCNorth Shore Technology Council (Boston, MA)
NSTCNorth Slope Training Cooperative
NSTCNASA Safety Training Center
NSTCNational Steel Technical Center
NSTCNavy Standard Tactical Computer
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As NSTC manager, the OSTP Director/APST can provide federal agency coordination, information, and guidance when special events occur, such as national emergencies, disasters, or S&T-related international negotiations.
Indeed, the presence of NSTC creates the needed market that will boost tomato production at the irrigation sites at Tono and Vea as well as on the banks of the White Volta River from Pwalugu to Janga.
After moving to Sydney Gell taught part-time from 1939 until 1951 at the Sydney KTC and also from the 1940s at the NSTC, where she remained until forced to retire in 1973 because she was over the age of seventy.
Thornbloom is assigned to the public affairs office, NSTC, Naval Station Great Lakes
As with many investigations regarding the provincial trade, previous conclusions about publication patterns drawn from surveys of the ESTC and the NSTC by John Feather, Simon Eliot, and others are borne out strongly.
Foremost, though, as the NSTC assessment states, is agricultural runoff, most particularly nitrogen from chemical fertilizers.
The NSTC recommendation resulted in Presidential Review Directive-5 (PRD-5), A National Obligation-Improving the Health of Our Military, Veterans, and Their Families issued in August 1998.
NSTC was formerly owned and maintained by ABC-CLIO, which moved the collection from multiple CD-ROMs and integrated it so users could search across the series on the Web.
Although staying afloat in the forestry business has been marked by financial challenges, NSTC has kept its head above water.
She also chaired the National Science and Technology Council's Committee on Technological Innovation and served on the NSTC Committee on National Security.
The first of the CDs, NSTC Series I & II contains more than 666,000 records for the period 1801 to 1870.
Foran was appointed dean of graduate studies and registrar of NSTC in 1974.