NSTDNederlandse Standaard Tarief Documentatie (Dutch: Netherlands Standard Rate Documentation)
NSTDNational Security Technology Department (Johns Hopkins University)
NSTDNonsystem Training Devices
NSTDNew Systems Training Division
NSTDNo Stranger to Debate
NSTDNetwork Service Technology Development (Sprint)
NSTDNow Save the Dead (book)
NSTDNutrition Science and Technology Division (Food and Nutrition Research Institute; Philippines)
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The comparison of results for non-NATO standard (NSTD) ammunition of local origin unveils clear flaws of copper crusher methodology in measuring chamber pressure.
The results when extended to change of ammunition, from NSTD to NATO ammo, did not indicate any difference with regard to results as compared to nonstandard ammunition.
The following results have been categorized as NSTD ammunition and NATO standard ammunition using piezo sensor.
The NSTD ammunition results for case mouth pressure as measured in three different test series indicate consistent pressure values from series 1 to series 3.
(ii) No significant difference in results of standard ammunition (NATO) and nonstandard (NSTD) ammunition is observed.
B: Hardening modulus, MPa BDMS: Ballistic Data Measurement System C: Strain rate sensitivity coefficient CIP: Permanent International Commission CMP: Case mouth pressure [C.sub.0], [C.sub.2], [C.sub.3], [C.sub.4]: The material parameters EPVAT: Electronic Pressure, Velocity, and Action Time M: Thermal softening coefficient MOPI: Manual of Proof and Inspection N: Material constant NATO: North Atlantic Treaty Organization NSTD: Non-NATO standard SAAMI: Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers' Institute T: Temperature US: United States USD: Dollars (United States of America) w.r.t.: With reference to.