NSTDNederlandse Standaard Tarief Documentatie (Dutch: Netherlands Standard Rate Documentation)
NSTDNational Security Technology Department (Johns Hopkins University)
NSTDNonsystem Training Devices
NSTDNew Systems Training Division
NSTDNo Stranger to Debate
NSTDNetwork Service Technology Development (Sprint)
NSTDNow Save the Dead (book)
NSTDNutrition Science and Technology Division (Food and Nutrition Research Institute; Philippines)
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d]) Opening Window Time- SED distance ([epsilon]) Ratio algorithm Dead Reckoning SED distance ([epsilon]), velocity (v) Semantic trajectory Spatial distance compression ([epsilon]) Paralleled TSND, NSTD road-network-based trajectory compression Similarity based Similarity compression of GPS trajectory data Spatial QUalIty SED distance ([epsilon]) Simplification Heuristic algorithm Spatial QUalIty SED distance ([epsilon]), Simplification compression ratio Heuristic-Extended ([lambda]) algorithm
NSTD, a division of HP's Test and Measurement Organization, develops and markets communications test systems for enterprise and public networks, including the HP Internet Advisor, the industry's leading platform for internetworking and data communications testing.