NSTIPNASA Scientific and Technical Information Program
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The Saudi Government has funded various projects under the banner of NSTIP in various fields of science.
The NSTIP has specialized programs such as the Technology Transfer and Localization Program which runs exclusively for SMEs and start-ups and is aimed to develop and implement strategies supporting innovation and technology development and identifying research centers for the research and development of advanced industrial technologies.
This work was supported by NSTIP strategic technologies programs, number (12-INF2613-02) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Vision 2020 and NSTIP provide general answers to the first two questions.
The NSTIP was designed to outline the different types of STI capacity Rwanda needs to build.
NSTIP proposes to build STI capability in four areas:
Vision 2020 and NSTIP point Rwanda in the right direction, an essential first step in reaching any destination.
This research work was carried out in the project number 10 SPA 1193-02 supported by the NSTIP strategic technologies program in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.