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NSTLNational Software Testing Laboratories
NSTLNational Software Testing Laboratory
NSTLNational Space Technology Laboratory
NSTLNational Strategic Target List
NSTLNaval Science & Technological Laboratory (India)
NSTLNational Security Threat List (Counterintelligence)
NSTLNational Standards Testing Laboratory
NSTLNational Study Team Leader
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The Vice President also went around the exhibition displaying the work carried out by NSTL in the design and development of various weapons and associated systems.
On the occasion, the Vice President launched a postal cover on NSTL and laid foundation stone for construction of Sports, Swimming Pool and residential accommodation for married officers.
NSTL provided the IT community with the first clinical evidence of the level of system performance gains possible through routine network defragmentation when it began testing disk fragmentation in 1999.
In their latest study, NSTL's lab engineers tested the speed and performance of the manual 'disk defragmenter' included in Windows 2000 against the leading third party network defragmenter, Executive Software's Diskeeper.
The comparison test was conducted by NSTL under contract to Epson.
The results of this testing might exceed what some would have believed possible from defragmenting, but even if the real-world improvements are only half as good as NSTL recorded under lab conditions, it represents performance numbers to rival many hardware upgrades.
"RAID systems, using both hardware RAID and Windows NT Server's support for software RAID, are also susceptible to file fragmentation and need defragmentation," states NSTL.
Speaking on the occasion, Dr OR Nandagopan, Outstanding Scientist and Director NSTL described the academic institutes as fountainheads of innovation, and expressed hope that NAM 2019 would help bridge the gap between academia and R&D institutes and bring out a roadmap for futuristic research in respect of AI-enabled naval systems.
The Keynote Address was delivered by Dr Anil Kumar Agarwal, Director ER & IPR, DRDO, followed by expert talks on various topics of contemporary and futuristic relevance by Technology Directors of NSTL, and Professors from Universities.
Tenders are invited for 8201 repair, maintenance including b check to lt, ht dg sets including connected electrical and mechanical works at nstl under age i rnd nstl, visakhapatnam