NSTRNothing Significant To Report
NSTRNagarjunasagar-Srisailam Tiger Reserve (India)
NSTRNational Service and Technology Review (New Zealand)
NSTRNaval Sea System Command Technical Representative
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The inner retinal nSTR took more than 45 minutes to show a similar relative level of recovery.
The ON-bipolar cell P2 is the next to recover and finally the inner retinal nSTR. Thus the sensitivity of the inner retina to IOP elevation is expressed in two ways, first a larger magnitude of ERG reduction and second a delay in recovery.
The exacerbation of functional deficit is more pronounced for the nSTR compared with the P2, again highlighting the sensitivity of the inner retina.
This leads to the interesting observation that the time taken for nSTR recovery was similar, regardless of the number of insults, as long as the integral was kept constant.
These ERG deficits appeared to be greater for the pSTR (with some effect on the nSTR and the photopic b-wave) with little change to the a-wave or b-wave.
Table 1 Results of tidal analysis--model values of the volume tidal strain (in units of nstr = [10.sup.-9] of the relative deformation) for the five analysed tidal waves.
Table-1 Operators providing satellite service in Indonesia Name of Companies satellite Capacity Orbit Slot PT Telkom Telkom1 24 transponders 108[degrees] EL Telkom 2 24 transponders 118[degrees] EL PT Indosat Palapa C2 36 transponders 113[degrees] EL Palapa C4 32 transponders 150,5[degrees] EL PT Media Citra Indostar 12 transponders 107[degrees] EL Indostar PT Pasifik Palapa 24 transponder 146[degrees] EL Satellite Nstr. Pasifik PT AceS Garuda 1 123[degrees] EL Source: Dekominfo Table-2 Estimated requirement of satellite transponders until 2014 Year 2004 2009 2014 Transponders needed 80 120 180 Source: (ASSI) Table-3 Foreign satellites used in Indonesia Names of Orbit satellite No.
Tickers featured: ABT, CYBX, CYKN, DXCM, IFLO, MDT, NSTR. Complete text approximately 3000 words.
Level C of the Nelson Standard Test of Reading (NSTR) comprising 70 items was used to measure the Ss' reading comprehension ability.