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NSTSNational Space Transportation System (Space Shuttle Program, SSP, preferred)
NSTSNational Science Talent Search (Singapore)
NSTSNational Secure Telephone System
NSTSNational Science Talent Scholarship (India)
NSTSNHS (National Health Service) Strategic Tracing Service (est. 2005; Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK)
NSTSNon-Stationary Time Series
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3 A non empty set X together with the collection [[tau]*.sub.n] is called neutrosophic supra topological space on X (for short nsts) denoted by the ordered pair (X, [[tau]*.sub.n]).
This paper is divided into five sections, which are structured as follows: Section 2 presents the literature review about the classic Travelling Salesman Problem (TSP), the Neighborhood Search Techniques (NST), the metaheuristics (MH) and more specifically the two MHs used in this computational study, which were the Simulated Annealing (SA) and the Discrete Artificial Bee Colony algorithms (DABC), and also the parameterization procedure for the MHs.
The different morphologies of crystalline MgO (NSTs and NTs, NRs) were found to depend upon annealing temperatures (250 and 350[degrees]C), respectively.
The numbers of perceived fetal movements by mothers were indexed during NSTs recording.
From the NSTS database, we had information on each pseudonymised patient's age, gender, and their family practice at the start (1 April) of each financial year.
This acoustic stimulation test offers an advantage over NST by lowering both the incidence of non-reactive test and testing time and could thus use as a test of fetal assessment.
The goal is to assess the feasibility of integrating an at-home NST monitoring program into an established health care system, as well as to evaluate patient and provider satisfaction.
Being unusual, completely extradural spinal schwannomas that are located in the lumbar spine form an even rarer subgroup of spinal NSTs, representing only 0,7 to 4,2% of all extradural schwannomas [1, 4].
NSTS was established in 1988 as a joint venture with Matsushita Electric Industrial Co.
As part of that study, these subjects had participated in more than 60 hours of in-laboratory NSTs with two of the four voices used in the present study.