NSTWNational Science & Technology Week
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The NSTW, celebrated every third week of July since 1993, recognizes the contribution of science and technology to the country's development and was meant to draw support from public and private institutions for its sustainable development.
The NSTW is celebrated every third week of July through Proclamation No.
The annual celebration of the NSTW is the premier event of the science community.
NSTW highlights the capability of local science and technology experts and inspire the youth and other sectors in believing that Filipinos can do it and that local technology works.
Mount Saint Vincent University's Department of Chemistry carried out activities in conjunction with NSTW.
The Concordia University, Department of Chemistry exhibition, which has been held for the past 14 years at the Pointe Claire Cultural Centre in Stewart Hall, Pointe Claire, is part of NCW/SNC, NSTW as well as Quinzainne des Science.
The annual NSTW displays the latest technologies invented by Filipinos for the benefit of fellow Filipinos, in particular.
Contract awarded for Supply for the Exhibit Booth System and Other Requirements for the NSTW
Supply of exhibit booth system and other requirements for the NSTW 2014
This activity, which was coordinated by Brian Newbold, FCIC, coincided with NSTW events (including the Canadarm which was on display in the science building) and more than 3,400 people had the chance to see it.
The NSTW, where the Fiber Optic Network will be launched, will run on July 24-28, 2014 at the SMX Convention Center, Pasay City.
To celebrate NCW and NSTW, Whiteshell Laboratories Chemistry Division, Pinawa, supported by Education Partnerships and Public Affairs at AECL Whiteshell and the Manitoba local section, organized a very successful specialized chemistry tour of the AECL Research facilities.