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NSTXNational Spherical Torus Experiment (fusion reactor)
NSTXNational Spherical Tokamak (fusion reactor)
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The decision to rebuild and upgrade NSTX was taken after a toroidal field fault occurred on July 20, 2011.
The upgrade "will provide a huge boost to all NSTX science missions and enhance U.
for possible large next steps in fusion energy, as NSTX confines plasmas at very high pressure in a relatively small volume.
The Committee understands this means approximately $9,000,000 will be used for orderly closeout of NCSX, $9,250,000 will be used to restore run times for three facilities and support major upgrade work at NSTX, and $2,000,000 will be used to enhance non-NCSX stellarator research.
The Spherical Torus is closely related to the tokamak, and experiments planned for the next several years in the NSTX facility promise many exciting discoveries that should directly impact our ability to understand the new plasma regimes expected in ITER.
fusion community define new domestic research directions, perhaps taking advantage of results from our NSTX experiment to open up new avenues of research," Goldston said.
Jon Menard, of PPPL, has been named to succeed Martin as NSTX Program Director, with Stan Kaye, also of PPPL, as Deputy.
Ono's role as NSTX Project Director will remain working with engineers, technicians, and the national team of physicists to implement the facility capabilities and diagnostics that make the research program possible.
Since this is an interim appointment, Jerry plans to continue his research activity on HBT-EP, DIII-D, and NSTX, and continue to participate in the ITPA MHD group and ITER related activities.