NSUHNorth Shore University Hospital (Manhasset, NY)
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Measure and report financial impact for NSUH and Northwell Health related to cost avoidance associated with CAUTI reduction.
NSUH and Northwell Health ICU CAUTI Direct Cost (est.
In September 2010, the nursing and physician neuroscience leadership team at NSUH identified an opportunity for improvement in neurological assessment.
Training for the Basic Neurological Check and Coma Neurological Check for all NSUH nurses occurred as part of a mandatory initiative.
Nurses throughout NSUH eagerly accepted the new neurological checks.
Late that afternoon, the NS-LIJHS administration requested that a mental health team from the NSUH Department of Psychiatry assemble at the CEMS headquarters to provide support that might be needed.
In late September 2001, the Division of Child Psychiatry at NSUH was awarded a 3-year grant as a trauma treatment development center within the new NCTSN funded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration.
Using NSUH as our academic home, and with Patty Weiner as our co-director and the liaison to the resident training programs) we have initiated a two-day training seminar with follow-up technical support.