NSURNon-hardened Small Unit Radio
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Abadi told Nsur that "increased cooperation" was needed between Baghdad and Amman to crush the jihadists who pose a "threat to the entire region".
investigators are in Syria now, so apparently there are chemical weapons," Nsur told reporters.
"The government has approved the project after years of technical, political, economic and geological studies," Nsur said.
"We are thinking of selling desalinated water to Israel and buying water from Lake Tiberias (Sea of Galilee)," said Nsur.
Los parametros de todas las ecuaciones fueron obtenidos de forma simultanea utilizando la metodologia nsur, para lo que se utilizo el procedimiento model del programa sas/ets[R] (sas Institute Inc., 2008).
Jordan Investment Board's Director General, Maan Nsur, expects the venture to create more than 17,000 jobs.
In the interest of efficiency, the six equations outlined above are estimated simultaneously using a nonlinear interpretation of Zellner's seemingly unrelated equations regression method, which I label Nonlinear Seemingly Unrelated Equations Regression (NSUR).
A non-linear seemingly unrelated regression (NSUR) procedure, which simultaneously fits the component equations that predict leaf, petiole and stem in order to assure biomass additivity, was used to generate the allometric equations.
This system is estimated using Non-Linear Seemingly Unrelated Regression (NSUR).
Last month, Jordanian PM Abdullah Nsur warned Amman might review the peace deal after Israeli MPs debated allowing Jewish prayers at Al-Aqsa mosque compound.
Prime Minister Abdullah Nsur has held Israel "completely responsible" for Zeiter's death and demanded an apology for the "hideous" killing.
It is an achievement for democracy and reform in this turbulent region," Prime Minister Abdullah Nsur told reporters after he voted in his northwestern hometown of Salt.