NSUSNorth Shore Unitarian Society
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It was a conse nsus that all of this was the work of the Chechens who in such a way, 'commemorated' the first anniversary of the beginning of the second Chechen war.
Also to make the collection of accurate data more likely, people were informed ahead of time about the upcoming ce nsus process with mailings, forms will be available in 17 languages (including English), and toll-free telephone numbers will be given for those needing assistance.
Population numbers for territories are 1998 estimates from Bureau of the Ce nsus press releases PR-99-1 [3] and CB98-219 [4].
My questions were also shaped by the fact that oral history and ce nsus material are both products of human interaction.
Although the lack of a conse nsus on the merits of EC membership both within and between parties undermined parliaments ability to influence government positions, such divisions have forced governments to anticipate parliamentary reaction in cases of changes in treaties, especially in the early 1990s with the slim Conservative majority.
On the rise of the commercial theater in the 1980s, see Yasin al-Nussayir's excellent article, "Al-Masrah al-Iraqi al-Yawm: Waq'un wa Ittijahat" (Iraqi Theater Today: Facts and Trends), Nsus 1 (1994): 79-93.
The conclusion of the book, however, makes depressing reading: despite the relative success of the NSU, further NSU buildings could not be contemplated because of their cost, the effects of the purchaser-provider split in social care and the creation of primary health care teams all acted to dilute the concept of NSUs and joint working between health and social services.