NSVFNewSchools Venture Fund (San Francisco, CA)
NSVFNorsk Spielmeyer-Vogt Forening (Norwegian: Norwegian Spielmeyer-Vogt Association)
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And, not surprisingly, both resemble the notion of "deliberate practice" put forward by NSVF-offshoot Deans for Impact in its recent report, Practice with Purpose: The Emerging Science of Expertise, which mostly self-cites or draws on the work of CPC members from institutions that were represented in the Learning to Teach Community of Practice convened by NSVF with consultation by TeachingWorks.
Indeed, few entities have been more openly involved in discrediting university-based teacher education and working to "create a vibrant market" in its place than NSVF and its grantees and offshoots.
This comes to light, for example, in how charter networks such as those supported by NSVF and with close ties to TeachingWorks depend on robust school choice systems which, in turn, contribute to measurable increases in gentrification in urban communities of color by White elites (Pearman & Swain, 2017).
(2.) We use "driving" based on the language of then NewSchools Venture Fund (NSVF) Policy Director Ben Riley in framing NSVF's role in the Growing Education Achievement Training Academies for Teachers and Principals Act (GREAT Act), in particular: