NSVINatural Stone Veneers International
NSVINon-specific Viral Infection
NSVINational Strategy for Victory in Iraq (US National Security Council)
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The high cost of having vasectomy done in private hospitals and clinics has deterred them from availing themselves of the procedure, and it was only upon learning of the NSVI through Facebook that they were able to undergo the procedure.
Popcom said it has partnered with NSVI to provide free vasectomy to those interested.
NSVI is an international organization composed of vasectomists from all over the world and has been operating since 2001.
Based on one of the NSVI' s core assumptions that the enemy does "not have the manpower or firepower to achieve a military victory over Coalition and Iraqi Security Forces," these strikes will likely be asymmetric.
The NSVI notes two major challenges in achieving the above goals.
The first of three support avenues we examine is countering the enemy's line of action of using "the media to spread propaganda and intimidate adversaries." (45) One of the tasks to thwart this is to "counter false propaganda." (46) Additionally, one of the NSVI's eight strategic pillars is to "strengthen public understanding of coalition efforts and public isolation of the insurgents." The United States looks to accomplish this by providing "technical assistance and training" to facilitate the Iraqi government's communications with its people.
Another line of enemy action the NSVI specifies is "sabotaging key essential services." A critical task to counter this action is protecting "key communication and infrastructure nodes." This is significant because "infrastructure protection helps ensure that the Iraqi government can collect revenues and provide basic services to the people, which is critical to building confidence in the government and weaning support away from insurgents." (47) This is so vital that two of the NSVI's metrics to measure success are "electricity generated and delivered" and "barrels of oil produced and exported." Furthermore, five of the NSVIs eight strategic pillars involve the Iraqi infrastructure.
In addition to the above, the NSVI also recognizes the value of improving the economy in the new Iraq.
The NSVI is an improvement over previous planning efforts.