NSVLNorth Sea Volunteer Lifeguards (UK)
NSVLNõukogude Sotsialistlike Vabariikide Liit (Estonian: Union of Soviet Socialist Republics)
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He was assisted by NSVL volunteers and members of Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade, who were on standby, with an ambulance called.
Donna Robson, NSVL secretary, said the club was relieved to be able to use the Tynemouth site.
martsil 1961 valjastas NSVL MN maaruse "Kontrolli tohustamisest kultusalaste seaduste taitmise file", mis toi kaasa mitmeid pohimottelisi muudatusi.
James Parkinson, from Whitley Bay, NSVL secretary, said: "The news has come as a massive surprise and we're delighted to have been awarded the Whitley Bay Town Cup.
oktoobril sai Eesti Maapangast NSVL Pollumajanduse Panga Eesti Vabariiklik Kontor.
Members of the NSVL are delighted with the pounds 300 contribution, which will go towards a new pounds 8,000 inflatable inshore rescue boat.
Teise topeltalluvussuhte loi liiduvabariikide institutsioonide puhul asjaolu, et enamasti alluti ka otseselt voi kaudselt identsele emainstitutsioonile Moskvas (nt Kunstnike Liit allus kirjade kohaselt kull ENSV Kunstide Valitsusele, hiljem kultuuriministeeriumile, kuid sai ka juhtnoore nii NSVL Kunstnike Liidult, parteilt kui ka ENSV Ministrite Noukogult).
NSVL trainer Geoff Wade said: "The sport side is a great way to keep young people interested in lifesaving.
NSVL chairman Joe Welsh said: "We use the store for a variety of rescue equipment, such as rescue boards.
For more information on the activities of NSVL, community courses and beach safety information, visit their website at www.
And the group may end up doing it again sooner than they thought after the lifeguards invited them to the NSVL Boxing Day Swim later this month.