NSWANorth Sulawesi Watersports Association (est. 1998; Manado, Sulawesi, Indonesia)
NSWANova Scotia Weightlifting Association (Canada)
NSWANorth Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)
NSWANational Social Welfare Assembly
NSWANew South Wales Agriculture (Australia)
NSWANatural Spring Water Association
NSWANational Stretch Wrap Alliance
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Operationalized definitions for all of the NSWA variables are shown in Table 1.
The strategy variables utilized are quality, growth, cost minimization and NSWA reliance.
First, job satisfaction is regressed onto the set of control and NSWA variables.
Three of the four employee-friendly NSWA variables are positively and significantly correlated with job satisfaction.
In Model B, the two NSWA counts become the independent variables.
Understanding the nature of an NSWA helps explain how non-standard work schedules or locations have negative implications for some and positive implications for others.
While all types of nonstandard work are worse, on average, than regular full-time employment, there is some variation in job quality among the types of NSWAs.
However, 67% of white men in NSWAs are in the better paying Group 3 jobs, compared with just 37% of Blacks and 44% of Latinos.
3% of all workers are in NSWAs and, of these, 83% are in Group 1 arrangements.
Thus, although women are the majority of workers in NSWAs, women are disproportionately found in the lowest paid arrangements.
Acronym Definition BCCF Bunaken Concerned Citizen's Forum BNP Bunaken National Park BNPMAB Bunaken National Park Management Advisory Board GIS Geographic Information Systems GPS Global Positioning System JICA Japan International Cooperation Agency MAB Management Advisory Board NGO Non-Government Organization NRM Natural Resources Management NSWA North Sulawesi Watersport Association PGIS Participatory Geographic Information Systems PPLH-SDA Pusat Penelitian Lingkungan Hidup dan Sumber Daya Alam UNSRAT Universitas Sam Ratulangi USAID United States Agency for International Development WWF World Wildlife Fund