NSWADTNew South Wales Administrative Decisions Tribunal
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Department of Corrective Services [2002] NSWADT 131 has meant that
(42) Kumsuz v Commissioner of Police (unreported, 23 March 1999) as quoted in Woodward v Minister for Fisheries [2000] NSWADT 143, [47]
A different approach was taken in Legal Services Commissioner v Galitsky [2008] NSWADT 48.
(25) Council of the New South Wales Bar Association v Slowgrove [2009] NSWADT 150, [22], [24], [26].
(160) There have been Australian cases which address an obligation to make reasonable adjustments in circumstances where a person needs those adjustments only to be able to better perform, but such an obligation has been privately negotiated: see, eg, Husein v University of Western Sydney [No 2] [2009] NSWADT 86 (22 April 2009); or has been imposed by relevant institutional policy: Daghlian v Australian Postal Corporation [2003] FCA 759 (23 July 2003).
Macquarie University [2002] NSWADT 231 (13 November 2002) [52]-[54] (Member Britton).
(180) Battenberg v The Union Club [2004] NSWADT 285 (9 December 2004) [16]-[24] (Judicial Member Britton, Non-Judicial Members de Bikal and Bolt).
In 2UE v Burns, O'Connor DCJ, sitting as President of the Appeal Panel of the New South Wales Administrative Decisions Tribunal ('NSWADT'), decided that that Tribunal was a court both in the 'general sense' and the 'Judiciary Act sense' of the word.
(14) Dutt v Central Coast Area Health Service [2002] NSWADT 133 (Unreported, Judicial Member Rice, Members Alt and McDonald, 6 August 2002) [47] (Judicial Member Rice, Members Air and McDonald).
(82) In the context of New South Wales homosexual vilification legislation it has been noted that in order for speech to unlawfully vilify under the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 (NSW) it is not 'sufficient to prove that the victim was deeply wounded or concerned for their privacy, or indeed safety': Burns v Dye [2002] NSWADT 32 (Unreported, Judicial Member Britton, Members Silva and Toltz, 12 March 2002) [63] (Judicial Member Britton and Member Toltz) ('Burns').
(35) See, eg, Kalich v Es [1999] EOC [paragraph] 92-961 (NTADC); Q v John Defelice [1999] EOC [paragraph] 93-051 (HREOC); D v Berkeley Challenge Pry Ltd [2001] EOC [paragraph] 93-150 (NSWADT).