NSWCCANew South Wales Court of Criminal Appeal (Australia)
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See Crimes (Sentencing Procedure) Act 1999 (N.S.W.) s 67 (Austl.); Parente v R [2017] NSWCCA 284 at [paragraph] 88.
(165.) See Phillips v The Queen [2012] VSCA 140 (Austl.); Morton v The Queen [2014] NSWCCA 8 (Austl.); Fusimalohi v The Queen [2012] ACTCA 49 (Austl.); CD v The Queen [2013] VSCA 95 (Austl.); Barbaro v The Queen [2012] VSCA 288 (Austl.).
(7) In the case of R v Silvano [2008] NSWCCA 118, a prisoner was anally raped and punched in the head whilst serving time for several offences, the most serious being murder.
The matter was remitted to Whealy J, with fresh charges from the Director of Public Prosecutions stating the elements of the offences in accordance with the NSWCCA's ruling.
Drug Misuse and Trafficking Act 1985 (NSW), Schedule 1, ss 25, 33; R v Clark (15 March 1990), (NSWCCA); R v Pilley, (1991), 56 A Crim R 202 (NSWCCA).
Portions of the summary provided in Hunter at [40] (including [40(7)]) were quoted by Kourakis J in HLtd v J (2010) 240 FLR 402, [40], and both of the above-cited passages from Hunter were quoted by Johnson J in Justins v R [2010] NSWCCA 242, [357] and [360].
The New South Wales Court of Criminal Appeal ('NSWCCA') has been wary of trial judges being too interventionist in assessing probative value at the admissibility stage, and has laid down tight principles of restraint.