NSWCDDNaval Surface Warfare Center - Dahlgren Division
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4-GHz transmitter DTA (transmitter) R/V Cape Ferguson Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS), funded by DSTO Meteorological data Weatherpak2000 surface NSWCDD RF data (receivers) meteorological station Vaisala RS-92 radiosondes, Cole Palmer DTA 39800 IR SST TeKI 9.
We have done outstanding work at other warfare centers, and we expect to deliver the same high-quality services to NSWCDD under the VRSS effort.
Sailors testing NEO's expeditionary capability to patrol diverse littoral and riverine terrains employed the system in response to a series of realistic scenarios and engaged all threats successfully," said Nelson Mills, NEO technical manager at NSWCDD.
A recent test at the NSWCDD Maginot Open Air Test Site (MOATS) facility compared the 1-GS/s (250-MHz) CRDAQ with the commercially available 200-MHz analog fiber telemetry system.
Invented by NSWCDD engineers Mike Pompeii and Kevin Machlinski, the technology used in the Ship ACADA--a portable chemical warfare (CW) agent detector used on U.
The facility, which is unique within the Navy, along with its suite of analysis tools, are essential for designing, developing, and integrating laser technology into existing and future fighting forces and platforms," said Frank Dixon, NSWCDD Directed Energy and Pulsed Power Division head.
Godfrey 'Gus' Weekes meet at NSWCDD headquarters prior to Montague's keynote speech at a National Women's History Month Observance.
Boxall led his delegation from the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations to see technologies developed at NSWCDD that included directed energy, electromagnetic railgun, hypervelocity projectile, cyber security, Tactical Tomahawk missile, mission engineering, and the Combined Integrated Air and Missile Defense-Antisubmarine Warfare Trainer.
The Navy really needs USS Secure and this is the right way to go," NSWCDD Commanding Officer Capt.
With the potential to deliver lethal, hypersonic projectiles at ranges in excess of 2007 nautical miles within six minutes, a naval railgun offers a transformational solution for volume fires and time-critical strike," said Commander NSWCDD Capt.