NSWLECNew South Wales Land and Environment Court (Australia)
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9) Gray v Minister for Planing (2006) 152 LGERA 258; [2006] NSWLEC 720.
In Anvil Hill, Pain J of the NSWLEC more extensively considered the causation issue in the context of a requirement for 'a detailed greenhouse gas assessment' (250) in the environmental impact assessment ('EIA') mandated for a new coal mine--the Anvil Hill Project.
292) The objectors brought a merits appeal against approval of the wind farm before the NSWLEC, which reconsidered the original decision, including the relevance of ESD principles to the decision-making process.
231) The NSWLEC also heard an early case raising issues of GHG emissions in Greenpeace Australia Ltd v Redbank Power Co Ptv Ltd (1994) 86 LGERA 143.
10151, NSWLEC 155, Land and Environment Court of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia.
225) Anvil Hill [2006] NSWLEC 720 (Unreported, Pain J, 27 November 2006) [92]-[93].