NSWMCNational Solid Waste Management Commission (Philippines)
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The NSWMCs notice of approval, signed by executive director and chief of SWM Division Engr.
Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales personally received the affidavits from Commissioner Romeo Hidalgo of the NSWMC in a ceremonial filing attended by the principal author of RA 9003, Sen.
Hidalgo hinted at fears of reprisal among members of the NSWMC, saying he ended up volunteering to be the principal complainant because no other member of the commission wanted to step forward.
As of 2012, NSWMC said only 414 of 1,610 local governments followed RA 9003.
In their letter to Environment Secretary Ramon Paje, who chairs the waste management commission, the groups said, "We write to convey to you our strong objections to the proposed guidelines on waste-to-energy technologies that the NSWMC is planning to develop as evidenced by its proposed resolution creating a multi-agency sub-group.
We would like to emphasize that the failure to implement RA 9003 should not be used as an excuse by the DENR, the NSWMC and by LGUs-the very agencies mandated to implement the law-to resort to the use of waste incinerators disguised as waste-to-energy facilities," the groups' statement said.
She further added, "The NSWMC cannot afford to violate the very law that created it, rather, it should focus all its energies on upholding the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act.