NSWONorthern Saw-Whet Owl
NSWONottingham Symphonic Wind Orchestra (Nottingham, East Midlands, England, UK)
NSWONaya Savera Welfare Organization (Pakistan)
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The O3b service will provide a highly reliable, low latency link for passing critically important weather information between the NSWO in Pago Pago and the NWS headquarters Office on Ford Island in Honolulu, Hawaii.
Comparison of the relative prey abundance of Northern Saw-whet Owl (NSWO, light gray bars) and Long-eared Owl (LEOW, dark gray bars) in Chain O'Lakes State Park, Lake Co., IL, during the winter of 1988.
For all enquiries, contact peninsula artsandcrafts@googlemail.com Greasby GREASBY TOW NSWO MEN'S GUILD: Meets on second and third Wednesday each month in the Methodist Hall, Greasby Road, 2-4pm.