NSZNarodowe Sily Zbrojne (Polish: English National Armed Forces; resistance faction in Poland during World War II)
NSZNear Shore Zone
NSZNacionalna Sluzba Za Zaposljavanje (Serbian: National Employment Service)
NSZNova Slovenska Zaveza (Slovenian: New Slovenian Commitment)
NSZNorth Shore Zone (theater festival; Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
NSZNo Staying Zone (Hong Kong)
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In addition, vehicles were only allowed to enter the Trinidad neighborhood if police officers determined, after questioning the driver, that he had a "legitimate purpose" for entering the NSZ.
15) Failure to provide a "legitimate reason" was not a criminal offense in itself, and those who were denied entry or that chose not to provide it were allowed to park their cars and enter the NSZ on foot.
21) However, the revised Special Order required that no data gathered at NSZ checkpoints from that point on was to be entered into any District of Columbia law enforcement electronic database.