NSZNarodowe Sily Zbrojne (Polish: English National Armed Forces; resistance faction in Poland during World War II)
NSZNear Shore Zone
NSZNacionalna Sluzba Za Zaposljavanje (Serbian: National Employment Service)
NSZNova Slovenska Zaveza (Slovenian: New Slovenian Commitment)
NSZNorth Shore Zone (theater festival; Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
NSZNo Staying Zone (Hong Kong)
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Measurement in narrow subway tunnel (4.8m x 5.3m) at 2.4 GHz Statistics NSZ FSPZ MMPZ FMPZ EFZ Whole Model Mean Error (dB) 1.46 -- 0.02 2.14 -- 1.48 Std (dB) 4.61 -- 5.37 6.49 -- 6.18 Measurement in large railway tunnel (10.7m x 6.3m) at 900 MHz Statistics NSZ FSPZ MMPZ FMPZ EFZ Whole Model Mean Error (dB) -- 0.91 3.03 1.54 1.26 0.72 Std (dB) -- 3.89 3.61 5.97 1.6 4.59 Table 2.
American Cameron Nsz has stormed into first place at the final of the Crashed Ice skating tournament in Lausanne, after his main rival Scott Croxall of Canada fell.
On June 7, 2008, in response to the aforementioned events and a triple homicide involving a juvenile victim that took place on May 31, 2008, the MPD, under the authorization of Special Police Order SO-08-06, designated a portion of Trinidad as an NSZ. (8) The MPD installed eleven vehicle checkpoints over the course of five days at locations around the zone's perimeter.
We also considered the availability of suitable locations for Designated Smoking Areas (DSAs), given that the NSZ would cover a relatively large area with numerous commercial premises.
Many businesses operating in the NSZ have expressed support for this initiative, which is in line with their plans to ramp up new offerings and activities along the shopping belt.
Contract notice: (NoBo) and NSZ (DeBo) Certification Contract under the Budapest-Belgian Railway Corridor Domestic Section
Voluntary ex ante transparency notice: : development services for the libravr busz system operated by the contracting authority, Provided by nsz zrt., Sap erp and co, And mvm informatika systems
Auction are invited for Sale of Boi nsz sarm sri ranganatha techno crafts 3
Tenders are invited for Supplying Heavy Duty Wrenches Conforming To Is : 4003 Part-Ii 1986/97 Make - Jhalani Expert /Jti Forge Size 12 Inch,18 Inch, 24 Inch 1 Set M Sse W Crws Nsz. Depot
Tenders are invited for Supply Of 43 Grade Ordinary Portland Cement Isi Mark In Sse Work Crws Nsz Depot
Tenders are invited for Supplying White Cement In Pack 1 Kg In Sse W Crws Nsz Depot Make .J.K./Birla Or Similer.
Tenders are invited for Supplying Electric Drill Machine Suitable For Drilling Hole In Rcc/Cc 10Mm In Sse W Crws Nsz Depot Capacity 10Mm Speed 0-2800 Rpm Power Input 550 Watt Weight 1.5 Kg To 02 Kg Voltage 230 V Soft Grip Make Black And Deeker Or Bosch Or Similar.