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NT1Network Terminating Equipment Type One
NT1Network Termination 1 (integrated services digital networks)
NT1Network Termination Device - Type 1 (ISDN)
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However, Justice Warby granted an appeal in NT1's case, adding that "It is quite likely that there will be more claims of this kind, and the fact that NT2 has succeeded is likely to reinforce that."
One explanation for the compatibility of the respective NT1 [not equal to] NT2 and NT1 = NT2 is mathematical equality.
Figure 6 shows the UV-vis absorbance spectra of pure Ti[O.sub.2], NT1, NT2, and NT3 samples.
Posteriormente, estos valores fueron clasificados dentro de las categorias definidas, obteniendo una superficie de 932,60ha (21[degrees]%) para la categoria NT1; 2.611,10ha (59%) para la categoria NT2; y 889,28ha (20%) para la categoria NT3.
NT1 includes pure density dependence and the interaction term [S.sub.t][N.sub.t], while NT2 includes pure snow-dependence and the interaction term.
Un 67% de los participantes curso NT1 el ano anterior y un 42% fue identificado como alumno en condicion de vulnerabilidad por carencias socioeconomicas durante 2009.
Journal of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Tehran, 61(3 Supplements NT1): 59-63.