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NT1Network Terminating Equipment Type One
NT1Network Termination 1 (integrated services digital networks)
NT1Network Termination Device - Type 1 (ISDN)
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The mathematical equality and essence of NT1 and NT2 also compare to Peter Geach's formula logic of relative identity that says, " x and y are the same F but x and y are different Gs.
2]O fluxes was observed between the treatments of NT1 and CT1 in the 2003-04 wheat-growing season.
Because mAbs M1, M4, M5, M6, and M7 bound to the full N protein (amino acids 1-422), NND14 (amino acids 1-213), and NNDC1 (amino acids 68-213) but not with NT1 (amino acids 1-69), NT2 (amino acids 68-120), or NND13 (amino acids 1-120), we deduced that the antigenic sites corresponding to these 5 antibodies were in the region of amino acids 68-213 on the N protein.
The ISDN line terminates into a box called the NT1 (Network Termination type 1).
The NT1 provides a pure Layer 1 function in that the B and D channel information is not terminated or manipulated by the product.
We'll be able to come onboard a wider range of fresh films that may not be appropriate for primetime TF1, but can be great on HD1, TMC and NT1.
The PAST system promoted a high POC stock, which was 47%, 46%, 53%, and 59% higher, respectively, than those resulting from the CT, NT1, NT2, and NT3 systems.
saw profit in the first half hit a new three-year high, with pretax earnings in June reaching NT$31,024,000 (US$1,034,133) and NT$90,089,000 (US$3,002,966) in the first half, as well as NT1.
The 7810 TSG-6 IP phone adds to Tone Commander's strong heritage and lineup of cutting-edge communications tools, which includes a series of ISDN and VoIP telephones, NT1 ISDN Network Terminations, ISDN Centrex Attendant Consoles, and Enhanced 9-1-1 (E9-1-1) Emergency Awareness Solutions.
YM-ISDN2 Features The YM-ISDN2 is Windows 95 compatible and comes in two versions: one with an ISDN S/T interface for Europe and Japan, and another with an integrated NT1 for the U.