NT3Neurotrophin-Type 3 (receptor)
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In a new paper in the online journal eLife, the team from the University of Michigan Medical School's Kresge Hearing Research Institute and Harvard University report the results of their work to understand NT3's role in the inner ear, and the impact of increased NT3 production on hearing after a noise exposure.
We compared mRNA expression levels of NGF, BDNF, NT3 and NT4 genes, dental pulp, SHED and neural-like cells differentiated from SHED.
In this layer, the differences among systems showed the same patterns as those observed for the whole 040 cm layer, except that in the 0-10 cm layer there was a difference among NT systems, where the NT1 system showed a higher TOC stock than the NT3 system.
Piaggio, an Italy-based automaker, is planning to launch its NT3, a new three seater car, in India.
9[degrees]C for NT3, CT3, NT4, CT4, and DP, respectively, in the 2004-05 wheat season (Table 4).
The N protein fragments NT1 (amino acids 1-69), NT2 (amino acids 68-120), NT3 (amino acids 119-213), NT4 (amino acids 212-341), NT5 (amino acids 337-422), NNDC1 (amino acids 68-213), NNDC2 (amino acids 214-422), NND13 (amino acids 1-120), and NND14 (amino acids 1-213) were also well expressed as detected by the Xpress or 6 x His epitope tags (Fig.
After cleaning with the Extrelut NT3 column (Merck, Darmstadt, Germany) and evaporating with methanol, the concentrated urine was analyzed by HPLC with a 254 nm UV detector.
Unlike TACT, which was originally created to be run in DOS 3 environments and has known operating issues in some operating system environments created after Windows 98, Windows NT3, or Mac OS7 (2), or Wordsmith Tools, which was originally designed to be run in Windows 3.
The role of sortilin 1 and NT3 as its ligand in cancer cell growth has previously been reported (6).