NT3Neurotrophin-Type 3 (receptor)
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Studies with outcomes on walking ability (primary study outcome) evaluating spatiotemporal parameters and/or endurance with or without serum levels of neurotrophins (BDNF, NGF, NT3, and NT4) were included.
The cells induced to SC-like cells were differentiated, subcultured, seeded on cover slips, and cultured for 4 d in [alpha]-MEM comprising 10% FBS, 5 [micro]M forskolin, 10 ng/mL bFGF, 5 ng/mL PDGFAA, 200 ng/mL heregulin1-[beta]1, and 10 ng/mL NT3; then, immunofluorescence analysis was performed.
It is suggested that the neurotrophin receptor TrkB is involved because the TrkB ligand BDNF or NT4 applied to culture media specifically counteracts the up-regulatory effect of TTX on N-type channels, whereas the TrkA ligand NGF or the TrkC ligand NT3 has no such effect (Fig.
In this study, we found that following 8 weeks of moderate- or high-intensity aerobic exercise, the absolute and relative expression of NGF, BDNF and NT3 in the striatum is significantly up-regulated, suggesting that aerobic exercise can trigger the expression of neurotrophic factors in the striatum.
By demonstrating the importance of the protein, called NT3, in maintaining communication between the ears and brain, these new findings pave the way for research in humans that could improve treatment of hearing loss caused by noise exposure and normal aging.
Vitamin D, NGF, norotrofin 3 (NT3) ve glial kokenli norotrofik faktor (GDNF) sentezini uyarirken, norotrofin 4 (NT4) sentezini azaltir (3,4,6,15).
The singer wore an Iasus model NT3 contact microphone on her neck at the level of her larynx.
Innovative and complex, the bike is the technological pinnacle of Piaggio's entire two-wheeler line-up.Piaggio also showcased the NT3 concept commercial vehicle, which it claims is a symbol of the growp's R&D prowess.
Dentro de los genes candidatos mas estudiados se mencionan los de factores de crecimiento como el factor neurotrofico derivado del cerebro (BDNF) o la Neurotrofina 3 (NT3), los de receptores de factores de crecimiento como los neurotroficos de tirosina kinasa (NTKRs, Neurotrophic Tyrosine Kinase Receptors), los de enzimas metabolizadoras de neurotransmisores como la catecol-o-metiltransferasa (COMT) y los de proteinas vinculadas al transporte lipidico como la Apolipoproteina E (Pearson-Fuhrhop et al., 2009).
k recent study proposed a 2: 2 Neurotrophin-3 (NT3) and p75NTR symmetrical complex reflects a native state of p75NTR activation at the cell surface through a series of cysteine-rich domains (CRDs) and the interactions were stabilised by number of hydrogen bonds and salt bridges [18].
As a support, [p75.sup.NTR] binds both pro/mature forms of NGF and other neurotrophins (NTs, BDNF, NT3, and NT5), takes part in retrograde axonal transport of NTs (as survival or apoptotic factor), and works as a shuttle molecule for BDNF and NT4 (RBC survival NTs) [44, 49].