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NT4Neurotrophin-Type 4 (receptor)
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The NT4 and TrkB mRNA were detected in the ovary, oviduct, and uterus during the follicular and luteal phases, and specific fragments of predicted sizes, 78 bp (NT4) and 246 bp (TrkB-fl) were obtained from the tissues (Figure 1).
The FQ-RT-PCR results show no significant difference in the expressions between NT4 mRNA and TrkB mRNA in the ovaries, oviducts, and uteri in the follicular phase (Figure 2C).
Immunolocalization of NT4 and TrkB in cow reproductive tissues
NT4 and TrkB immunoreactivity were observed in the specimens during both phases.
The presence of NT4 and TrkB proteins in the specimens in both phases in were investigated by Western blotting with rabbit anti-human NT4 and TrkB polyclonal antibody.
NT4 is a member of the neurotrophin protein family that plays important roles in the regulation of neuronal survival and differentiation mediated by TrkB.
Therefore, the possible communication between NT4 and TrkB in the reproductive tissues of cows under the two phases was explored.
In humans, NT4 protein was localized to the granulosa cells by immunohistochemistry, and at the early developmental stages of epithelioid cells, the TrkB receptor was also localized by immunohistochemistry to the germ cells, as observed from all examined gestations in a previous study (Richard et al.
In this experiment, the immunoreactions for NT4 and TrkB were also detected in the epithelium of the oviduct.
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