NTADNational Transportation Atlas Databases (US Department of Transportation)
NTADNon-Target, Associated and Dependent Species (fisheries)
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"NTAD fulfills part of BTS's goal of providing high-quality data and services pertaining to all modes of transportation," says Roger Lotz, a public affairs specialist at BTS.
The data used to compile NTAD 2004 were provided by USDOT and other agencies.
In this narrative review, we provide data about the mechanisms of action, indications, dosages, and side effects of NTADs that are currently used including iodine-containing compounds, lithium carbonate, perchlorate, glucocorticoids, and cholestyramine.
In this section, we describe currently available NTADs including their mechanisms of action, indications, and side effects.
The NTAds system was developed in-house by Ian Perks, a recent computer science graduate.
"NTAds allows businesses to monitor and control the progress of their own adverts from a single place."