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NTASNational Terrorism Advisory System (US DHS)
NTASNew Tokyo Airport Service (Tokyo, Japan)
NTASNorthern Territory Archives Service (Australia)
NTASNaruto: The Abridged Series
NTASNew Transfer Agency System (software)
NTASNational Telephone Answering Service (Cleveland, TN)
NTASNavy Training Assessment System
NTASNorwegian Tracking Adjunct System
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In the end, centralized NTAS software offers three-way protection.
Unfortunately, this variety makes deployment of test equipment without NTAS impractical: the range of services means that a variety of test tools would need to be predeployed everywhere.
Adding such lambda selection and isolation to NTAS is natural and efficient: moving analyzers between wavelength channels is exactly analogous to moving them between fiber circuits.
Several factors should be considered when designing an NTAS solution, including the network's technologies and topology, the types of test equipment desired, and the required number of such testers.
At the extreme, for instance, NTAS should not be used in remote locations where only one fiber-optic channel exists, because the tester could just as easily be deployed directly on that channel.
Lastly, determining how many network segments should share common test equipment is the final key factor in NTAS planning.