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NTBANorth Tahoe Business Association (est. 1979; Kings Beach, CA)
NTBANetwork Terminator Basis-Anschluss
NTBANational T-Bucket Alliance
NTBANational Transit Benefit Association
NTBANorthern Territory Bar Association (Australia)
NTBANorth Tennessee Beekeepers' Association
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The grafting degree of NTBA was determined with nitrogen analysis of the purified samples for a minimum of two samples.
The intensities of the new peaks increased with the increase of NTBA in the grafting content.
The initial concentrations of peroxide initiator and monomer affected grafting content of NTBA on PP, and the results are illustrated in Figs.
The grafting content of NTBA onto PP varied from 50 to 150 mpm depending on the initial concentration of the monomer, peroxide, and comonomer.
In the sample of the copolymer with St (NTBA-co-S2), in addition to NTBA characteristic peaks at 1660 and 1550 [cm.