NTBFNew Technology-Based Firms (Europe)
NTBFNouvelles Technologies Burkina Faso (French: New Technology Burkina Faso)
NTBFNick the Bulls Fan
NTBFNorth Texas Book Festival
NTBFNicholas Turkey Breeding Farms (Lewisburg, WV)
NTBFNot to Be Found
NTBFNon-Enterotoxigenic Bacteroides Fragilis (clinical bacteriology)
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Therefore, the congruence between the technological capability and intellectual capital development promotes the adaptability of NTBFs to the environment and the absorption of information and generation of useful knowledge by carrying out actions that impact the outcome of the NTBF such as profitability, sales or profit growth and productivity at work.
Next, it is analyzed the empirical evidence of how are created and exploited the Technological Capabilities and the Technological Capital of those NTBFs of the sample.
Almost 50% of the 133 NTBFs included in our sample are localized in Bologna, the regional capital and the biggest city of Emilia Romagna.
As the extant managerial literature points out, especially in small and young NTBFs, the role of intentional dimensions is critical for explaining organizational behaviors.
Such achievement was often associated with the NTBF attempt to enter foreign markets, or with the foreign firm's interest in the Portuguese one.
Despite the widespread recognition of the limitations of the Portuguese market, not every NTBF envisaged foreign market expansion, at least in the medium term.
Due to the lack of financial management competence measures, we developed an initial set of measures for this research to explore the relevance of the financial management competence domains for NTBF growth.
First, we controlled for the founding background of the NTBF.
There is a debate going on here about the social nature of market, but -- and here I will mix my own metaphors -- the sociology of market relationships needs more amplification, if it is to stand a decent chance of being heard against the dominant, rhetorical, managerial and economic language that surrounds NTBFs.
By any definition, the creators of a successful NTBF have to be exceptionally competent.
Accordingly, the means by which the genesis and growth of NTBFs can be encouraged has become an important focus of government policy in both Europe and North America.
Moore's findings on the relative unimportance of bank debt on start-up corroborates the US experience of NTBFS (Roberts, 1991).