NTBSNull-Terminated Byte String (computer programming)
NTBSNational Trailways Bus System (now Trailways Transportation System)
NTBSNew Technology Business Solutions (aka New Technology Banking Solution; New Zealand)
NTBSNinja Turtle Bomb Squad (martial arts tricking team)
NTBSNot to Building Standards (inspections)
NTBSNational Target Base Server
NTBSNovativa Telecom Billing System
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50) (It should be noted that we also examined whether the interactions between PR and SIZE, UNEM, and PEER, respectively, contributed to cross-national variations in NTBS.
Our extended model, which is referred to as equation (2) in Table 1, explains about 90 percent of the variation in the incidence of NTBS across the states considered here.
Contracts awarded : N03, 130032, NTBS SIG, Backup Beeper Nordtangente BS / Author Project and construction management BSA for the renewal of the traffic control Nordtangente Basel and the replacement of the auto switch incl.