NTDRNear Term Digital Radio
NTDRNear Term Data Radio
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The survival time values for (HSDR + V) rats were decreased from the (NTDR + V) control values of 480 [+ or -] 3 min to new values of 79 [+ or -] 3 min after the start of heat stress (Table 2).
Figure 1 showed the effects of heat exposure (43[degrees]C for 60 minutes) on both [T.sub.co] and MAP in (NTDR + V) rats, (HSDR + V) rats, and (HSDR + H) rats.
The future wideband network waveform, said Keetley, would replace NTDR and EPRLS.
The NOC-V in its original form was a potent C4I platform incorporating FBCB2, Tactical Internet Management System, NTDR, SINCGARS, 20 telephones, SIPRNET and BVTC capabilities.
The digital data radio (NTDR) was incapable of transmitting the volume of digital traffic at an acceptable speed and with reliability to the battalions.
Miller to redesign the NTDR's spring and antenna base assembly to improve upright performance on mobile tactical vehicles.
The PM plans to field the NTDRs in brigade-sized unit increments.
The NTDR will be replaced by the Joint Tactical Radio System beginning in 2007.
More than 300 NTDRs have been fielded to three Stryker Brigade Combat Teams and First Digitized Corps units.
The NTDR system is a DA-directed, experimental, mobile packet data radio network that links Tactical Operations Centers in a brigade area.
The NTDR has been fielded to 4th Infantry Division, SBCT-1 and SBCT-2.